Spanish Course & Inca Culture

The Inca Culture Course is designed for people who want to know in depth about the beautiful and rich Inca culture, from its origins, its development, expansion into much of the South American continent.inca culture course, wiracocha spanish school
  • Learn about their social and political organization so perfect for that time, as well as its development in astronomy, metallurgy, textiles, and other relevant aspects.
  • This course includes also some visits accompanied by your teacher like the local museums, where you can see the work done by the Incas for students understand in a better way the work of this amazing old civilization.
  • By teachers with a university degree in Peruvian History.

In the Inca Culture course, We offer:

  • Individual classes: This course requires individual attention by the teacher.

This course is taught in two ways:

  • Part-Time Inca Culture course: 10 hours per week
  • Intensive Inca Culture course: 20 hours per week

Details of Inca Culture course:

  • Part time price: USD 110
  • Intensive price: USD 170

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