Spanish Classes Per Hour

The Spanish Classes Per Hour is designed for students with little time during the day to study.spanish-classes-per-hour-students
  • This course is always taught in individual
  • You can expect a significant improvement in your Spanish in a short time because our teachers have extensive experience teaching international students.

Individual Prices:

Classes/HoursUS$ 9.00
 The lessons are focused on important issues for our students to have smooth communication while you knowing our city.The Spanish Classes Per Hour are available all the year round. 

Advantages of taking the Spanish Classes per Hour in Wiracocha Spanish School:

  • In our school also we offer activities such as: salsa lessons, cooking lessons, games and many more.
  • Wiracocha Spanish School also offers accommodation (homestay, apartments) allowing our students to practice Spanish with local families and other hosted students.
Spanish Classes Per Hour Wiracocha School is hnown offering the best courses in cusco to learn Spanish and if your level is advanced you can take speciality courses.We also offer tourist packages to visit several tourist attractions in the Cusco city.Take, Wiracocha Spanish School is the best option to learn Spanish in the best way here in Cusco.