Immersion Spanish Course

One of the intensive courses of our school is Immersion Spanish Course. Immersion Spanish Course in cusco
  • This course consists of 40 hours per week, 6 hours per day (Classroom) and 2 hours of practical interaction with people who speak Spanish.
  • The Immersion Spanish Course is especially designed for people who need to learn Spanish in a short time. We combine lessons in the classroom with practical situations outside the school.
  • This Spanish program includes homestay with a Peruvian family because you need to think in Spanish and practice your Spanish all day.
Lessons: Grammar, Writing exercises, Oral exercises, Role-play and Conversation, Listening and understanding, Watching and commenting on films and documentaries

Immersion Spanish Course offer 2 options:

Individual classes: With all the teacher’s attention on you, specially recommended for people that have specific needs. Group classes: Our groups are small with a maximum of 4 students per class

Individual Prices:

 Price per Week:US$ 490

Grupal Prices:

 Price per Week:US$ 390
 Course lessons are characterized to focus in useful topics and important students maintain smooth communication while you have stay in our city of Cusco.The Immersion Spanish Course is available all year round, allowing them to begin the course every week.

Advantages of taking the Immersion Spanish Course in Wiracocha Spanish School:

  • Wiracocha Spanish School  also offers accommodation (homestay, apartments) allowing our students leverage you time and practice spanish with local families and other hosted students.
  • Wiracocha also offers activities such as: dinners, games, cooking lessons, and many more.
more activities of immersion spanish course Wiracocha Spanish School is know for offering the best courses in cusco to learn spanish, and if your level is advanced you can enroll in speciality courses.Our school also offer tourist packages to visit several tourist attractions of our magical city of Cusco.In conclusion, Wiracocha Spanish School is the best option to learn spanish in the best way here in Cusco.